Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Groeten from Amsterdam!

It is now 9:00pm (3:00pm Ottawa time) on Tuesday night. Chrystal and I are settling into our apartment with only minor problems. The past few days have felt like weeks... we packed so much into them!

We arrived in Zürich last Friday morning, and spent the afternoon wandering the downtown streets of Hauptbahnhof, aka Zürich HB. There was lots to see, and food to enjoy! The food there was very fresh (as it is here) - and we were tempted everywhere with the smell of chocolates, baked goods and cheese!

The Swiss Franc (CHF) is worth approximately the same as a Canadian dollar... a little less, in fact... but generally everything was costlier.

Here I am with my morning coffee... little did I know that ordering a large coffee would come in a big tumbler...

Saturday we shopped and toured the city... that evening we attended Palm Sunday mass at an old basilica in the city. Sunday we took a tour bus to Grimelwald through Interlaken which ran into some bus trouble (video) along the way! The video really doesn't show much... but the bus broke down on the side of a mountain... would have been a really steep drop...

We drove past an abandoned amusement park called, "Mystery Park", which ran into financial trouble after the owner sank millions into it trying to keep it afloat. Seeing this abandoned park was fascinating to me... in a Twilight Zone sort of way.

ANYWAYS, once we arrived in Grimelwald it was absolutely breathtaking... just unreal how immense the alps are... the tallest (Jungfrau - pronounced, "young-frow") is 4,200 metres high.

Check out this panoramic video I shot... watch for Chrystal (on the bench) at the 3 second mark!

We had lunch and a couple beers here... I got a sunburn on my face... just the reflection from the mountains was enough to do it. Looked like I had been skiing all day!

Liz and Rose: That cookie I'm eating tasted exactly like the kind Aunt Emma used to make at Halloween... remember the ones with Strawberry jam? Delish!

That's all for now... I will write more later, and will take a video of our apartment from inside and out.

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JayMac said...

Can't beleive you gays are actually there! How awesome. Glad to see you're both safe and sound, and I'm looking forward to following you guys throughout your trip. Make sure to have a couple of Heineken's for me!!


Keila5 said...

I love your blog. Do you guys miss Canada? It's still cold :(