Tuesday, April 10, 2007


As we walked back from the Centrum, we took a detour down Museumplein, where the Van Gogh museum is. We haven't hit any of the museums yet... we were going to visit Anne Frank Haus, but the line-up was unreal... I presume it's because it was a holiday weekend.

View of Museumplein on Google Maps

And you can also view our place on Google Maps (click on satellite view). Notice how close we are to Vondelpark. We cut through the park to walk to the Centrum.


Dawn said...

hey guys, not sure if you have already been to the Anne Frank house, but I highly recommend it....it is hard to believe that that is where her and her family hid...it was very moving.

Chrystal said...

Hey Dawn,
I have read the book many times so it was on the top of my list. We went last week and it was definitely a touching experience. To have read about it and then to have been there it was very moving.