Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I love Europe!


So we arrived in Switzerland 6:30am (12:30am our time).
As soon as we were checked into our hotel we had breakfast. YUMMY the Swiss do it right.
Cheese Cheese Cheese :) Fresh Bread and the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted.
If it wasn't for all of the walking we did I would be in some serious trouble.

After we had a short nap we hit the streets of Zurich. (Ladies the Swiss men are fine and well dressed). The city was super busy. There was a lot going on! People everywhere you looked. We had a great time sitting out in the sun people watching and eating of course.

Once we figured out the main train route we were back and forth between our hotel and the city centre regularly. There are no public washrooms (I had to pay two Swiss francs) and anyone who knows me will know that those 2 francs added up quickly!

On our second to last day we went our adventure to the Swiss Alps. The view was breathtaking.Once we arrived alive! (See Rem's Post) We had a great day and were both exhausted when we got back to our hotel.
We are now in Amsterdam! Dag!
I find this city to be more relaxed and casual. We have settled into our apartment (which I love) and have toured around our area and the city centre.

Tomorrow I am going to visit the Aliens Police (Vreemdelingenpolitie) to get registered so I can begin looking for a job in a coffee shop! I mean Cafe lol! Stay tuned for some more pics and stuff.
I am off to enjoy my Heineken!


Karam said...

Swiss men are well-dressed Remie? That's great, how about the women you big fag!

remgeo said...

That post was by CHRYSTAL... make sure you check who wrote it!

Fern said...

Hey girlie........I am so impressed with your blog, you have some really good writing skills pretty lady. Glad to see that everything is going so well with you and that you are happy. If ever you're in London let me know. Love you loads.