Monday, April 16, 2007

Squat Restaurants

We were bbqing this week, and yesterday was another day of sunshine. We went for a loooong walk to find the beach. We didn't find much in the way of a true sandy beach, but we did happen upon some nude sunbathers.
Yesterday evening we went to a "squat restaurant" named de Peper (pronounced duh-Pepper). Squat restaurants are run like a commune by volunteers, including the chefs. The menu is organic, and vegetarian. They're non-profit, so everything from your meal (ours was 6 euros each) to the booze (1.50 euros for a glass of wine, 1.80 per beer) is very cheap! We got heaping platefuls of food after a hearty daal-type soup.
We had enough leftovers for me to have a full meal for lunch!

Here's the article I found online which led to us dining at de Peper

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