Thursday, April 26, 2007

What up, cuz?

My cousin Mary and her friend Jackie came to visit us Sunday night! We took them to a squat restaurant* (de Peper) for dinner... Chrystal and I were disappointed with it (it had been much better the previous time), but the girls didn't seem to mind... too polite, I think! ;-)

(from left: Remie, Mary, Chrystal and Jackie)

Afterwards we spent a night on the town and had a blast! It was great to catch up with her.

Their visit was too short, but they did manage to see quite a bit of Amsterdam before they ventured off to Rotterdam.

*Squat restaurants are run by hippies, like a commune. The chefs are volunteers, and the food is all organic and vegetarian. Very cheap and healthy. We really enjoyed it the first time... unfortunately it all depends on the chef in the kitchen!

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